Thursday, April 18, 2013

How to Line Up Garage Door Sensors

Mechanical openers possessed an infrared safety sensor. This sensors is designed to cease the door from closing when an any object hinders on the door opening. This is a powerful tool to keep your household and possession safe and secured. When you perceive the sensor's beam of light is blocked by an impediment, the sensors switch off the door closer to avoid the object from hitting by the door. The proper functioning of this sensor or this safety devices has something to do with the correct and appropriate alignment.

However, if the sensors are improperly aligned, you need to line them up to ensure that they will work properly. To give you the information on how to line up your garage door sensors, here are the following instructions.

Materials you need:
Clean rag
Torpedo level
Tape measure

1. To spruce up the glass lenses on both sensor, you can employ a neat rag.  Because a grime and dirt can affect the signal of the sensor. Sometimes, the sensor’s beam  of light is blocked by a filthy lens.

2. You should examine the electrical wire, make sure that they are secure and they don’t have any crack at all. These sensors can function very well if they are properly aligned and there’s no electrical failure happens.

3.  To ensure that the sensors housing are mounted level,  you can easily utilize a torpedo level. When you perceive that the housing is not properly level, just simply employ a pair of pliers to carefully twist the mounting bracket so that the housing will be mounted level.

4. The both sensors required an even distance from the floor. To know if they are even, you can gauge the vertical distance between the midst of sensor lenses and to the surface of the garage floor.  

5. Then, gauge the horizontal distance between the both sensor lenses of the garage door and the door inside surface. The dimension should be even at the both sensors.  You can utilize an adjustable pliers to carefully twist the mounting bracket so that the sensor light will be aligned to the same dimension.

6. Lastly, switch the door opener and try to open and close the door. Place your hands in front of the sensor,  the door motion ceased or it will reverse direction, when it is being blocked by something.

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